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11.10 - Group

Field Trip to the Zuidersee Museum in Enkhuizen

For the trip we went to the southern sea museum in Enkhuizen. A village located next to the Ijselmeer. This museum was about the village of Enkhuizen and others around the former southern sea now Ijsselmeer. The museum was build to preserve the original state of the culture and traditions of the Ijsselmeer area. With the building of the dam the region radically changed and without this museum the history would have been lost.

The museum has a large collection of traditional clothing, ships, tools and arts depicting the life of the people of the area before the 1930s.
However, the collection did not include much of the development of the region after the completion of the dam. It did not depict the changes that people had to undergo and took the displacment from a fishing based to an agricutural based community for granted.
This missing depiction of this part of history sparked our interest and helped us massivly in focusing our project.

We concluded our trip with a walk through the city, developing a feeling for the area.