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12.10 - Tutorial

Feedback Session with Golnar. What should we focus on?

  • Look at specific areas, specific technologies, and now go visit these places, see the logistics of fishing and how. Where was it a family thing, has the lost of fishing done something
  • Anchovy factories, fish preservation
  • It was a family business
  • Do they have an archive? Find out basics of history
  • We need to know what happened in the 30s
  • Try to read historical account through our perspective, bear in mind that the war happened, and a lot was erased. Museum has a lot of these books, there are also archives in Amsterdam (Michael)
  • What happened during the war in these areas?
  • The gap is in the archives, investigate super fast, find so much stuff and put it together
  • Visual archive, research work in history
  • Did people resist the dijk? People resisted until the flood? Using natural disasters to push pre-made litigation
  • If you find yourself confused, then look at other kinds of material, visual archives, open access media archives, stadsarchive in Enkhuizen for next trip?
  • Find some people to talk to (archivist? old people? Jamal’s contacts, neighbors), community centers