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“Life After Sea” is a project by five WDKA students telling the untold history of the Ijselmeer.  

Following servere floodings in the beginning of the 20th century, the decision was taken to built the Afsluitdijk. This embankment would transform the southern sea into a lake - the Ijselmeer.
The prevailing narrative is clear: safeguarding a region by using human ingenuity over nature's wrath. Reclaiming land with the use of advanced technology.
But beneath this lies a tale of profound transformation. The community, whose everyday life was intertwined with fishing found themselves severed from their lifeblood—the sea. Fishermen, once masters of the waves had to become farmers and wives, once the backbone of familial fishing enterprises, were now confined to factories.

Lives were irrevocably changed by the shifting tides of industry.
This project aims to give voice to those who have be silenced and seeks to honor the resilience of a community forcibly displaced.